Winter wheat: As the most important bread cereal, wheat is of particular importance in terms of food security and sovereignty as well as food quality. In Germany, it has replaced rye, which dominated cultivation 60 years ago. With a high level of breeding effort, FZD is pursuing the goal of developing varieties that are well suited to the conditions of organic farming. Today, growers can choose from eight different quality varieties of FZD that meet a wide range of requirements. This applies to baking and nutritional quality, plant and spike health, yield capacity as well as resistance to stone blight, flying blight and fusarium, winter hardiness and weed competition. FZD winter wheats are highly resistant to yellow rust and coped well with drought in 2018 and 2019.

Aristaro: green wheat. BSA approval 2016 as E-wheat. Stone blight and dwarf stone blight resistant quality wheat. Average yield with very high baking quality. Stable with medium growth length, good weed suppression, high leaf health with low susceptibility to blight, winter hardy. Particularly suitable for locations at risk from wild boar.

Curier: BSA approval 2019 as E-wheat. Very high-yielding and competitive, stable baking wheat with good falling number, high resistance to yellow and brown rust, stone and flash blight.

Graziaro: BSA approval 2016 as baking wheat (B). Very high-yielding, healthy variety with resistance to yellow rust, wheat stone blight and fly blight. Low susceptibility to dwarf stone blight. Long straw with heavy ear (single ear type). Despite high yielding ability, very good baking ability. Broad leaf health with good weed suppression, winter hardy. In case of intensive cultivation, pay attention to stability. Recommendation for early harvest to ensure falling number.

Thomaro: BSA approval 2018 as E-wheat. TOP variety. High-yielding, early-maturing, stable quality winter wheat with very high resistance to yellow rust (APS 1), stone blight, flash blight and brown rust.

NEW! Grannosos: (HSI 1015-12/WW 5694): BSA approval in 2020. Grinned quality wheat with a broad cultivation profile. Yield and quality assured, high leaf health with resistance to stone blight and flying blight, resistant to Fusarium, high falling number (resistant to sprouting). Particularly suitable for locations at risk from wild boar.

Castado: (HSI 172-13, WW 5988) is of medium length with a reddish maturing ear and is characterized  by excellent baking quality. The type is classified as E-wheat and has a very high concentration of crude protein, sedimentation score and baking volume. But the grain harvest is below-average compared to other varieties. CASTADO is bunt- and loose smut resistant (for widely spread breeds in Germany) and only slightly susceptible to yellow and brown rust and ear fusarium. Due to its vigorous juvenile development and high level of ground cover, the variety is an enrichment for organic farming.