All-year Course - officially recognised qualified person for Biodynamic Agriculture

The all-year course is addressed to people who have completed a professional education or spent equivalent activity time in the agricultural or horticultural sector. This course ends with an examination to become an officially recognised qualified person for biodynamic agriculture.

This educational year at the Agricultural Scholl provides a personal approach to biodynamic agriculture and connects basic knowledge with an immediate implementation. The school is embedded in the long-established diversified farm at Dottenfelderhof.

The Farm School offers

  • 200ha of space for education

  • Dedicated instructors with practical background

  • The distinguished development of scientific basics including the intellectual background of biodynamic agriculture

  • Opportunities to look over the shoulder of farmers/workers on a diversified farm and to get active yourself

  • Critical understanding of the anthroprosophic basics

A School in the Middle of the Farm

Being embedded into the group farming, the Agricultural School guarantees the practical component, which is important for a demanding biodynamic education.

Our various working areas are open for the participants: arable farming, animal husbandry, garden- and fruit-growing, bakery, cheese dairy, commercialisation and research and breeding. One dedicated working afternoon per week and the participation in the daily morning meetings give the opportunity to be right in the middle of activities, instead of being just present.

Studying and Learning in a large Farm Community

The main lessons of the all-year course take place mainly in the morning, the language of instruction is german; the afternoon is usually available for artistic courses, working in the farm, study or project work. The participants of the course live in single rooms in the building of the Agricultural School. Our kitchen team provides hot lunch, the cold meals (breakfast, coffee and dinner) are prepared by all participants in an alternating fashion. Thus, the students actively participate in shaping life on the farm. German language skills are essential.

Project Work

Project work plays a central role in the study programme. Students choose an agricultural and horticultural topic at the beginning of the academic year. This may concern a current question of the Dottenfelderhof or a question from the own practical professional experience. The work should be continuously traceable within the bounds and possibilities of Dottenfelderhof.

This involves the independent research and development of a context, the scientific investigation of a theme and the final presentation of the results. Students choose expert tutors to supervise their work. These can be for example foremen of the farm or employees of the cereal and vegetable breeding company located at Dottenfelderhof.

The research or breeding results are to a large extent the real quality of this work. In the past, such project work has repeatedly yielded significant results, especially in the case of continuing subjects which are of great importance for the further development of biodynamic agriculture in general and influence best practice at Dottenfelderhof.

Information on completed project works and those that got implemented at the company can be found here.

Costs and Registration

The all-year course 2020/2021 starts on September 2020

Applications are accepted with immediate effect. If you are interested in participating, we cordially invite you to an interview at Dottenfelderhof.

Monthly costs for board and lodging 350 EUR

School fee 350 EUR

Total costs for the school year 8.400 EUR

The all-year course is eligible for funding under the AFBG (Aufstiegsfortbildungsförderungsgesetz = Upgrading Training Assistance Act). The Study Fund of the Agricultural School awards partial scholarships to selected applicants.

The language of instruction is german.


Rocío Lanthier
Tel.: +49 (0)6101 52 96 18, Fax: +49 (0)6101 52 96 88

For Information on the Course Content:
Lilja Sidora
Tel.: +49 (0)176 80703156

Landbauschule Dottenfelderhof e.V., Dottenfelderhof, 61118 Bad Vilbel

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