School Farm Dottenfelderhof

Agriculture is the basis of our life, because it provides our food. It shapes our landscape and influences air, water, soil, humans and animals.

The team of Dottenfelder „Schulbauernhof“ would like to provide live agriculture experiences on a bio-dynamically managed farm. Learning and teaching is done with head, heart and hand.

Learning at the School Farm

The school farm is part of the Agricultural School. With the school farm the Agricultural School Dottenfelderhof e. V. would like, in addition to the further educations, to strengthen the education of children, young people, adults and consumers in the field of agriculture and ecology. The objective of the school farm is to create appreciation for food, to encourage sustainable future planning and to raise awareness of the importance of regional ecological cycles and species-appropriate animal husbandry.

Adoption of creation competence in the sense of sustainable action is the focus of our pedagogical concept. A stay at the Dottenfelderhof creates new impressions and many exciting moments: children, young people and adults look after animals, help with field work, produce food and prepare meals.

Since 1968, Dottenfelderhof has cultivated 200 hectares of diverse biodynamic farming and has thus become a model of sustainable organic farming in the RheinMain region. The Agricultural School with its school farm and numerous events make the social, ecological, cultural and economic aspects of agriculture and nutrition tangible.

The year round offers of the school farm target children and young people of all ages and school types. Morning activities for school classes and afternoon-, Saturday- and weekly activities for children and families complement each other and deepen the understanding of the complex relationships between nature and environment, agriculture and food.