The Agricultural Community

The agricultural community LWG (Landwirtschaftsgemeinschaft) is the coalition of farmers and consumers who are aware of their responsibility to the earth. The LWG was founded in 1981 to put the Dottenfelderhof and its business community on a new social and economic basis. Through regular meetings, joint consultations on structures and investments as well as the active assistance in the company, a prosperous cooperation is created.

Initially founded as a civil partnership (GbR), it was converted in 1995 for tax reasons into a limited partnership. The fully notation of the LWG deposited in the commercial register is: Dottenfelderhof Agricultural Council Ernst Becker u. Partner KG. The limited partnership should not represent an investment model in today's usual sense, but a real participation model. It is intended to enable the joint assumption of responsibility and shaping the future of the Dottenfelderhof from consumers with farmers.